Spatial Sensing and Live Data Collection

his is a prototype space sensor which is feeding live data to the dashboard below. It contains a sound-pressure sensor, light level, and temperature and humidity. Data from the sensor is collects at 1-minute intervals and is transmitted to the dashboard in a 5-millisecond rate.The sensor is connected to the internet via WiFi and is powered by a 5V USB connection or wall wart.

Sensors such as this allow for activity mapping (via relative sound levels) and environmental tracking of space over time. Additional modules can be connected including air-quality, motion and even vibration to detect surface-level activity when attached to chairs and tables. Built on electronic prototyping hardware, the footprint can be further optimized with a smaller breadboard and can be incorporated into a custom PCB for manufacture at scale.


Beacon Utilization Tracking

10 months of continuous beacon tracking of time spent at work at the desk. The beacon registers every time the user enters and leaves the area of their desk. Analytics include the total amount of time spent each day at the desk, time spent working in the office on weekends, maximum desk sessions (focus work spent at the desk and other metrics which can be segmented and aggregated over time. Graphs and charts below reflect dashboard prototypes of various metrics which could be monitored and assessed across worker groups and populations to determine worker typologies.